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Profile Design T4+ Carbon Clip-On TT Bars

Profile Design T4 Carbon Clip on Tt Bars Profile Design T4+ Carbon Clip On TT BarsDial in perfect time trial position with Profile Designs T4+ Carbon Clip-On TT Bars. bars feature traditional ski-bend shape with shallow angle between extension and shifters. This offers neutral wrist angle with low extension height f
Cane Creek 110 series Headset Profile Design T4+ Carbon Clip On TT BarsWere proud of our customer service and liberal return policy , we want you to be satisfied. So were happy to sell Cane Creek 110-Series Headset. After all, it has 110 year no-questions-asked warranty. You want dependable, great looking headset to ad
Cane Creek 40 series Zs44 28 6 Tall Top Assembly Headset Profile Design T4+ Carbon Clip On TT BarsMore parts mean more chances for failure and creaking, so Cane Creek designed 40-Series ZS44/28. 6 Tall Top Assembly Headset to be used without spacers, so you increase strength, decrease likelihood of creaking, get 15mm of rise in one convenient a
Cane Creek 40 Series Zs Tapered Zs44 Zs56 40 Headset Profile Design T4+ Carbon Clip On TT BarsThe Cane Creek 40 Series ZeroStack headset is modeled after Cane Creeks 110-series headset. most noticeable difference is finish. Where 110 is gloss black, 40 opts for satin look. There are couple of internal differences, as well. Whether th
Wheels Mfg Carbon Fiber Headset Spacer Profile Design T4+ Carbon Clip On TT BarsWheels Manufacturings Carbon Fiber Headset Spacer is available in range of thicknesses, which allows you to find perfect handlebar and stem height. spacers are free of logos and clear-coated carbon looks great on any ride. Be sure to consult you
Campagnolo Chorus 11 Chain Profile Design T4+ Carbon Clip On TT BarsThe Campagnolos Chorus 11 Chain is 11-speed optimized, with robust nickle-plated steel links and low-friction Ni-PTFE treatment for crisp-shifting performance. In fact, only difference between Chorus 11 Chain and its Record and Super Record counterparts

Campagnolo Record 11 Chain

Campagnolo Record 11 Chain Campagnolo Record 11 ChainCampagnolos new 11-Speed Chain is narrow. At 5. 5mm, its easily narrowest chain that Campy makes. They call it Ultra Shift chain because of its incredible shift precision. first thing youll notice when you start to pedal bike is glorious s
Mrp Amg Retention System Campagnolo Record 11 ChainThe MRP AMG Retention System is built to keep aggressive trail bikes chain online when youre getting wild. With widespread acceptance of one-by drivetrains, clutch-equipped rear derailleurs, many riders have simply chosen to forgo chain retentio
Race Face Light Bash Guard Campagnolo Record 11 ChainProtect precious chainrings with lightweight RaceFace Light Bash Guard. Light Bash Guard is CNCd from tough heat-treated aluminum. All unnecessary material is removed to make Light Bash Guard super-tough featherweight.
Sram Powerlock Link For 11 speed Chain Campagnolo Record 11 ChainThe SRAM Powerlock Link is key for shortening chain or trailside maintenance. This one works with SRAM 11-speed chains and is compatible with mountain or road.
Sram Powerlink Chain Connector Campagnolo Record 11 ChainTrailside chain repair isnt much fun, but SRAM makes it touch easier with SRAM 9-Speed Power Link. Power Link allows you to connect or disconnect chain without use of tools, making cleaning chain breeze as well. As it works for both
Sram Powerlock Chain Connector Campagnolo Record 11 ChainThe SRAM 10-speed PowerLock link is compatible with all models of SRAM 10-speed chains. Its not compatible with non-10-speed chains. Why you might ask. Its simple: This link is 5. 95mm wide, just like SRAM 10-speed chain. If you ride SRAM Red, Force,

SRAM PC-1130 11-speed Chain

Sram Pc 1130 11 speed Chain SRAM PC 1130 11 speed ChainNot unlike companys 11-speed mountain bike drivetrains have already done, SRAMs 11-speed road drivetrains are rewriting rules. Youll need proper 11-speed chain to turn Red 22, Force 22, or Rival 22 cassette, however, thats where SRAM PC
Sram X1 Chain 11 speed SRAM PC 1130 11 speed ChainGoing to eleven is rad; SRAMs 11-speed mountain bike drivetrains are popular for variety of reasons, not least of which is their near-inability to drop chain. However, until release of X1 group, getting SRAM 11-speed drivetrain required bi
Sram Pc 1170 Chain SRAM PC 1130 11 speed ChainYeah, SRAM has made Nigel Tufnel jokes pretty easy with its whole 11-speed thing, but thats small price to pay for improved shifting and better gear ratios. fanciest cassette in world wont work right without correct chain, though, so SRAM modif
Sram Pc Xx1 Hollowpin Chain SRAM PC 1130 11 speed ChainDesigned to work with XX1 crankset, SRAM PC XX1 HollowPin Chain was designed with narrow and wider inner profiles that fit with alternating thicknesses of teeth. This results in positive connection to chainring so that it wont slip. Unlike t
Sram Pc red 22 Chain SRAM PC 1130 11 speed ChainIf youre building up new dream machine to run on any of SRAMs new 11-speed drivetrains, dont just scrounge up chain from garage to throw on bike. Make sure shifting stays smooth and precise within new, wider gear range with SR
Sram Pc 1071 Hollowpin Chain SRAM PC 1130 11 speed ChainIf youre looking to drop even more grams from climb-happy 10-speed drivetrain, let us introduce you to SRAMs PC 1071 HollowPin Chain. This little item happens to be SRAMs entry-level chain with hollow pins, it makes quite first impression. As soo

SRAM PC 1091R HollowPin Chain

Sram Pc 1091r Hollowpin Chain SRAM PC 1091R HollowPin ChainSRAM used its impressive knowledge about chain technology to create PC 1091R HollowPin Chain. Starting with SRAMs HollowPin technology to reduce chain weight without compromising strength, 1091R also uses heavily chamfered plates for smoother shifting and
Shimano Sh56 Spd Cleat Set SRAM PC 1091R HollowPin ChainClip in and get going with Shimano SH56 SPD Cleat Set. Designed to pair with Shimano SPD pedals, these cleats are multi-release so you can clip out by twisting foot to either inside or outside of pedal. With option to lift and twist h
Time Atac Cleat SRAM PC 1091R HollowPin ChainTime ATAC Replacement Cleats prevent worn cleats from premature ejection or stubborn release. Brass cleats and hardware give just little without feeling sloppy, like handmade steel frame only way, way cheaper.
Brooks England B17 Standard Aged Saddle Mens SRAM PC 1091R HollowPin ChainGet used to idiots making lame comments about grundle-suffering when you bolt Brooks B17 Aged Standard Saddle to two-wheeled partner. To those not in know, cracking jokes about hard-looking torture device of saddle is hee-larious. Just grin and
Selle Italia Flite Flow Saddle SRAM PC 1091R HollowPin ChainThe original Selle Italia Flite saddle goes back nearly 25 years, its been so popular very little has changed. Enter Flite Flow Saddle, with its pressure-relieving cutout, you have recipe for saddle thatll be favorite in another 25 years. T
Selle Italia Slr Lady Flow SRAM PC 1091R HollowPin ChainShrinking and pinking used to be viable way to make womens cycling gear, but times have changed, products like Selle Italia SLR Lady Flow Womens Saddle is proof that cycling world is taking ladies, their gear, seriously. That said, Lady Flo

Selle SMP Pro

Selle Smp Pro Selle SMP ProSelle SMPs uniquely designed saddle features wide cutout to reduce pressure from inside of saddle, while also giving you medium to wide platform to support pelvis. shape of nose is distinct and it serves to provide flat base while s
Selle Smp Trk Man Selle SMP ProFor those looking for reasonably priced saddle with plenty of cushion, central pressure-relief channel, fairly wide platform, Selle SMPs TRK saddle answers call. TRK is best suited for cyclists with medium-wide and wide pelvises, as it featu
Wtb Volt Comp Saddle With Steel Rails Selle SMP ProNot many bike components can pull duty across road, XC, all-mountain, enduro disciplines, but WTB Volt Comp Saddle with Steel Rails is one of few that can. By borrowing features from other WTB saddles, Volt manages to be comfortable and cost effect
3t Ionic 25 Team Selle SMP ProStiff, light, reliable, 3T Ionic 25 Team Seatpost scoots you back 25mm in cockpit to give you liiitle extra reach if things are feeling little bit cramped. It uses Difflock single-bolt clamp, made of rugged aluminum alloy, to lock saddle in
Zipp Service Course Seatpost Selle SMP ProZipps innovative, low-profile clamp provides wide range of adjustments to both angle and for-and-aft position. This adjustment range makes Service Course Seatpost suitable to wider range of riders and lets you dial fit and feel. That isnt on
Shimano Ultegra Di2 St 6870 11 speed Shifters Selle SMP ProThe Ultegra Di2 ST-6870 11-Speed Shifters look to innovations pioneered by Shimanos top-of-the-line Dura-Ace to provide enhanced shifting performance. new Di2 ST-6870 hoods features slimmer, Dura-Ace-like profile that offers easy lever accessibility

SRAM XX1 Grip Shifter

Sram Xx1 Grip Shifter SRAM XX1 Grip ShifterThe XX1 Grip Shifter represents SRAMs typically innovative take on grip shifters of our youth. With fashionably lightweight carbon fiber body and precision shifting of SRAMs X-Actuation ratio, its worlds removed from toy grip shifters that we
Sram Force 22 Shifters SRAM XX1 Grip ShifterWhen SRAM launched new, 11-speed Red group, we were excited. There was some good technology on offer and some much-needed improvements over previous iteration (Andy Schleck knows). However, we were just as excited to see that tech move down line to
Challenge Grifo 33 Cross Tire Clincher SRAM XX1 Grip ShifterBecause cyclocross tires have to accommodate particularly wide array of conditions , from pavement to pure mud , in single race, their tread pattern has to be especially capable. Having been refined over many years, on its way to countless podiums an
Hutchinson Fastair Latex Aerosol Inflator SRAM XX1 Grip ShifterThe Hutchinson Fast Air is only sealant Hutchinson recommends with their tubeless tires. It is latex-based sealant that comes in 75ml CO2 canister. It both inflates tires from 0 psi and seals from punctures. It can be applied before initial inflation o
Challenge S c Latex Tube SRAM XX1 Grip ShifterThe Challenge S. C. Latex Tubes are significantly lighter than standard butyl tubes for less rotational mass and lower rolling resistance when youre competing and racing against clock. Theyre also more elastic and resistant to punctures than regular
Lezyne Valve Extender SRAM XX1 Grip ShifterLezynes Presta Valve Extenders function in two ways. First, they are long enough, 70mm, that youll have valve head sticking out of just about every deep-section wheel around. Second, they have threaded top that makes it possible to screw on Presta-si

Michelin Airstop Butyl Tube – Road

Michelin Airstop Butyl Tube Road Michelin Airstop Butyl Tube   RoadWard off flats with Michelin Airstop Butyl Road Tube. thicker rubber adds bit of weight, but makes up for it with increased flat protection over super thin and lightweight racing tubes. These tubes are great for long training rides and daily commutes
Michelin Aircomp Butyl Ultralight Tube Road Michelin Airstop Butyl Tube   RoadFar more airtight than latex inner tubes, Butyl tubes wont require you to reach for pump before every ride. Michelin Aircomp Butyl Ultralight tubes weigh just 80 grams and offer confidence-inspiring durability on open highway. These also come in thre
Orange Seal Valve Stem Michelin Airstop Butyl Tube   RoadMountain bike rims are diverse, to say least. From materials, to cross-sections, to widths, there are many options. Orange Seals Valve Stem is designed to accommodate this wide range with its tapered base and oversized oval flap, which ensures an airtight
Orange Seal Road Tube Kit Michelin Airstop Butyl Tube   RoadWhen it comes to ride quality and speed, its hard to best tubulars. However, they leave little to be desired in reliability department. In fact, flats are something that are all too common on low-profile road tires , which is why Orange Seal provides the
Orange Seal Mtb Tubeless Kit Michelin Airstop Butyl Tube   RoadEverything you need to ditch unnecessary rubber with tubeless-ready rims is supplied in Orange Seals 24mm-wide MTB Tubeless Kit. This includes two 48mm removable-core Presta valves and tool, twist-lock injector, rim tape, eight ounces of sealant. Or
Vittoria Mastikone Professional Tubular Glue Michelin Airstop Butyl Tube   RoadThe Vittoria MastikOne Professional Tubular Glue is what pros use to secure their racing tubulars to rim. One tube contains 30 grams and is usually enough to glue one or two tires. However, Vittoria offers 250-gram tin, which should be enough glue f

Vittoria Removable Tubular Valve – Pair

Vittoria Removable Tubular Valve Pair Vittoria Removable Tubular Valve   PairVittorias Removable Valves are something special. Theyre not valve extenders like youd expect, but actually valve stems that function with Vittorias 320 TPI tubulars and Rubino Pro tubulars. These tires and tubes have unique removable stems. Simply un-thre
Campagnolo Shamal Mille Wheelset Vittoria Removable Tubular Valve   PairWhen Campagnolo introduced Shamal, it was shape of things to come, quite literally. aero-shaped alloy rim would kick-start development of aero alloy rims, followed by aero carbon rims, which more or less brings us to present day, Campys la
Campagnolo Bora One 50 Wheelset Tubular Vittoria Removable Tubular Valve   PairIn terms of race pedigree, youd be hard pressed to find rim that enjoys more time on podiums of Europe than Campagnolos iconic Bora rims. With Bora One 50 Wheelset, Campagnolo brings this proven rim design into self-sponsored racers range by m
Campagnolo Bora Ultra 50 Wheelset Tubular Vittoria Removable Tubular Valve   PairThe Campagnolo Bora Ultra 50 Wheelset is perhaps most immediately recognizable piece of cycling componentry in world. Those deep rims and iconic script just scream class. Theyve long been associated with greatest performances of grand tour cycling
Campagnolo Bora Ultra 80 Wheelset Tubular Vittoria Removable Tubular Valve   PairCampagnolos wind-cheating Bora Ultra 80 Wheelset takes its name from north wind of Mediterranean. This is an appropriate choice, because , if there was ever wind that youd want to keep from gaining purchase on you, its Bora, whose top speed
Campagnolo Bora Ultra 35 Wheelset Tubular Vittoria Removable Tubular Valve   PairLets get one thing out of way: yes, Campagnolo Bora Ultra 35 Tubular Wheelset costs over $4000. Now that youre sure eyes arent deceiving you, lets try and answer obvious question: why simple answer is that Bora Ultra 35 is pro-level

Easton EC90 Aero 55 Carbon Road Wheel – Tubular

Easton Ec90 Aero 55 Carbon Road Wheel Tubular Easton EC90 Aero 55 Carbon Road Wheel   TubularYouve seen all fast, lightweight race wheels, but more often than not, those desirable attributes come at expense of out-and-out strength. Thats why were so impressed with Easton EC90 Aero 55 Carbon Tubular Wheel. As part of Eastons race-ready
Hed H3 Fr Carbon Road Wheel Tubular Easton EC90 Aero 55 Carbon Road Wheel   TubularThough other time-trial and triathlon-specific wheels may be faster in certain conditions, fact remains that HED H3 FR Carbon Road Tubular Wheel cuts drag from all angles, making it much more versatile performer when nasty crosswinds and variable wind pa
Hed H3 Fr Carbon Road Wheel Clincher Easton EC90 Aero 55 Carbon Road Wheel   TubularTop-quality race wheels tend to be tubular, but what you would say to clincher wheel that can provide same level of smoothness and speed Thats what we though. HEDs managed to make it happen, its H3 FR Carbon Clincher Road Wheel will blow mind
Hed Jet 5 Express Carbon Road Wheelset Clincher Easton EC90 Aero 55 Carbon Road Wheel   TubularBy now youve likely read thing or three about wide rims on road. They round out tire, they make ride smoother, theyre more aero. HED pioneered that in modern age, realizing that if it could smooth transition between tire and rim, air wo
Hed H3d Fr Carbon Wheel Clincher Easton EC90 Aero 55 Carbon Road Wheel   TubularIf youre racing triathlon that doesnt allow full-disc wheels, HED H3D FR Carbon Wheels are great option. Theyre fastest wheels HED makes, save for full discs, being one of HEDs fastest wheels is certainly something to brag about. wheels
Hed H3d Fr Carbon Road Wheel Tubular Easton EC90 Aero 55 Carbon Road Wheel   TubularTheres lot of physics knowledge required for seriously in-depth discussion about HED H3D FR Carbon Tubular Road Wheel, but were not scientists, so well sum it up as best we can: its damn fast. That said, it excels in fairly specific conditions, so

HED Ardennes Plus BLACK

Hed Ardennes Plus Black HED Ardennes Plus BLACKThe HED Ardennes Plus Black wheelset is lightweight and stealthy addition to any bike. Their black braking surfaces create solid dark finish to tire edge, resulting in clean, stealthy look without usual jarring silver stripe found on most aluminu
Hed Stinger 4 Fr Carbon Road Wheelset Tubular HED Ardennes Plus BLACKBy now youve heard words toroidal and hybritoroidal thrown around by virtually every carbon wheel manufacturer. But, did you know that Steve Hed was granted patent for them in 1991 HEDs first toroidal shapes and deep rims were designed in 1989. So,
Hed Stinger 5 Fr Carbon Road Wheelset Tubular HED Ardennes Plus BLACKThe icons of our sport are not brawniest of men, at least not physically. Mentally, though, their toughness far outweighs muscles,and it is that toughness that makes them compelling to watch. Like these icons of sport, HED Stinger 5 FR Carbon Tubular Wheel
Hed Stinger 3 Carbon Disc Brake Road Wheelset Tubular HED Ardennes Plus BLACKChange isnt always good, peanut-butter-and-pickle sandwiches are gross, no matter what people say, but when its done right it can be awesome. HED nailed it with Stinger 3 Carbon Disc Brake Tubular Road Wheelset, which combines new technology (hey, disc b
Hed Stinger 5 Carbon Disc Brake Road Wheelset Tubular HED Ardennes Plus BLACKIn 2010, UCI lifted ban on disc brakes in cyclocross races. And while athletes were suddenly imbued with increased speed modulation and stopping power, it was dependent on having right wheels. Wheel manufacturers were slow to develop perfect cross
Hed Jet 4 Plus Black HED Ardennes Plus BLACKThe advantages of deep, carbon rims are evident to anyone who has ever held 20-25 mph on flat, straight roads for an extended period. disadvantages are equally evident, they usually manifest as unresponsive, obnoxiously-loud braking or equally poor and