Fly Fishing Socks

Simms Guide Midweight Over-The-Calf Sock

Simms Guide Midweight Over the calf Sock Simms Guide Midweight Over The Calf SockNo matter weather outside, wet wading in icy mountain rivers is going to leave toes feeling numb after while. That is, unless youre enjoying optimized warmth of Simms Guide Midweight Over-The-Calf Sock. This sock is built with merino wool f
Simms Bugstopper Sunglove Simms Guide Midweight Over The Calf SockJust because you like to tie flies doesnt mean you like them crawling all over hands when you fish, keep crawlies, sun, off paws with Simms Bugstopper Sungloves. Offering UPF 50 sun-blocking technology and Insect Shield protection, B
Simms Guard Sock Simms Guide Midweight Over The Calf SockIt may be mid-summer, but home waters still feel wicked chilly, so pair wading boots with Simms Guard Socks. 3. 5mm neoprene keeps feet warm in chilly water, integrated hooks securely attach to boots. anatomically correc
Simms Skeena Glove Simms Guide Midweight Over The Calf SockWhether youre going after steelhead in British Columbia or hitting winter midge hatch, Simms Skeena Glove will keep hands warm and, more importantly, dry while youre out on river. Built with 2. 5mm waterproof neoprene and gasket cuff, you wont
Simms Guide Thermal Over the calf Sock Simms Guide Midweight Over The Calf SockLight fire under feet when youre fishing in frigid winter conditions with Simms Guide Thermal Over-The-Calf Sock. High-loft merino wool offers premium warmth with soft feel, manages moisture and resists odor buildup, it insulates even when we
Simms Solarflex Guide Glove Simms Guide Midweight Over The Calf SockBuilt for long days on oars, Simms Solarflex Guide Glove features Simms Solarflex material with UPF 50 rating, so hand-skin wont crisp when its exposed to sun day in and day out. With goat leather palm, youll get plenty of grip even when y

Simms Exstream Foldover Mitten

Simms Exstream Foldover Mitten Simms Exstream Foldover MittenHandling fine tippets can be frustrating, especially when hands are cold, wet, stiff. Get into pair of Simms Exstream Foldover Mittens and take pain out of cold-weather fishing. Built with Polartec power shield pro fabric, these gloves block 99%
Simms Prodry Glove Simms Exstream Foldover MittenThe fish youre after may be cold and wet, but hands will stay warm and dry in Simms Prodry Gloves. Gore-Tex fabric is fully waterproof and breathable, while goat leather palms add durability and grip, even when wet, paneled neoprene gauntlet cuff
Fishpond Buckhorn Sling Simms Exstream Foldover MittenKeep Fishpond Buckhorn Sling packed and ready to go fishing, because you never know when youll get chance to sneak quick session in on local river or carp pond. Buckhorn can be worn over either shoulder to suit left- and right-handed caste
Fishpond Muchacha Tech Vest Womens Simms Exstream Foldover MittenFinding womens-specific fly fishing gear thats solid, dependable, actually looks ladylike can be frustrating. Fishpond hears you, so it developed Womens Muchacha Tech Vest for female fly fishing fiends. As you might expect, Muchacha is made with Fis
Fishpond Gore Range Fly Fishing Tech Pack Simms Exstream Foldover MittenThe Fishpond Gore Range Tech Fly Fishing Pack makes sure you have everything you need to match hatch right at fingertips. Packed with 17 external and internal pockets, including vertical chest pockets in front, Gore ensures you wont need to wade
Fishpond Delta Sling Pack Simms Exstream Foldover MittenFish are sneaky, so you need to be fully prepared when youre on hunt. Fishponds Delta Sling Pack carries everything you need in comfortable, mesh-ventilated package that can be slung over either shoulder for easy access to flies, food, tools, other

Patagonia Homepool Fingerless Glove

Patagonia Homepool Fingerless Glove Patagonia Homepool Fingerless GloveCrafted from plush 2. 5mm of plush neoprene, Patagonia Homepool Fingerless Gloves let you cast away with all dexterity of not wearing gloves, while polyester insulation provides much-needed warmth in cold waters. Plus, this glove doubles as beer cooz
Patagonia Sun Glove Patagonia Homepool Fingerless GloveThe top of hands are often overlooked when it comes to sunscreen application or, if youre on water, first place it wears off. Instead, protect it from nasty sunburn with little help from Patagonia Sun Glove. Stretchy and comfortable, it offer
Patagonia Neoprene Socks With Gravel Guard Patagonia Homepool Fingerless GloveWading perfect mountain stream is one of fly fishings great pleasures, but even in summer months water is still chilly. Keep feet warm when you dip into crisp waters with Patagonia Neoprene Socks With Gravel Guard. neoprene insulates
Patagonia R1 Glove Patagonia Homepool Fingerless GloveRolling dice on late or early season expeditions (or fishing right through winter) frequently means fewer people and more fish. It can also mean frozen fingers. With Patagonias toasty R1 Glove, hands stay warm and nimble even in freezing rain, icy wi
Sage Mesh Back Hat Patagonia Homepool Fingerless GloveSave Sages Mesh Back Hat for days filled with drinking beers by ol fishing hole. This hat displays Sages insignia in comfy, breathable fabrication to keep cool in summers warm weather.
Sage Patch Trucker Hat Patagonia Homepool Fingerless GloveWhether youre out on water searching for trophy trout or at watering hole telling fellas about one that got away, maintain style and comfort with Sage Patch Trucker Hat. cotton twill bill keeps high-noon sun out of eyes while

Sage Heritage Corduroy Hat

Sage Heritage Corduroy Hat Sage Heritage Corduroy HatSince trout bum lifestyle doesnt always guarantee youll be able to shower every day, keep hair in check with Sage Heritage Corduroy Hat.
Simms Neoprene Wading Sock Sage Heritage Corduroy HatThe Simms Neoprene Wading Socks keep toes from getting chilled while you wade in chilly waters. 2. 5-millimeter neoprene jersey fabric over tops of feet adds warmth while 2. 5-millimeters airprene fabric under feet allow feet to
Simms Wading Sock Sage Heritage Corduroy HatIt takes seriously warm pair of socks to keep feet warm when youre wading in cold river all day, so Simms made pair that will get job done: Wading Sock. Its made with merino wool for superior insulation and breathability, is fully cush
Simms Solarflex Sunglove Sage Heritage Corduroy HatIf youve keyed in on importance of protecting yourself from sun while youre out on water, dont forget about hands. Simms Solarflex SunGlove features UPF 50 rating, so youll get plenty of protection from UV rays, plus some added techn
Simms Exstream Wading Sock Sage Heritage Corduroy HatWe didnt want to tell you this, but while those itchy old yarn socks aunt Lucille gave you last Christmas may have some fish knitted on cuff, they arent really that great for fishing, so you may want to consider getting Simms Exstream Wading Soc
Simms Tightlines Glove Sage Heritage Corduroy HatThe Simms Tightlines Glove offers warmth and water-repelling protection during those long, cold days spent on river. Hardface fleece combined with DWR-coating prevents wind and water from getting best of toasty situation, while half-exposed th